Tutorials "RF & MW Pulses"

The Tutorials on Mon 10 Sept will be dedicated to a central tool of modern magnetic resonance spectroscopy: Pulses. 

The teachers will introduce their topic and show recent developments.

  • Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zürich): „Frequency-swept pulses and critical adiabaticity - The EPR case“.
  • Michael Ryan Hansen (Universität Münster): „Application of shaped pulses in solid-state NMR“.
  • Ville-Veikko Telkki (University of Oulu): „Pulses for ultra-fast experiments“.
  • Burkhard Luy (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): „Broad-band Pulses“.


You have to register for your participation on Tutorials. Please, mark this during the official register process for the FGMR Meeting 2018 (GDCh Registration).

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